I just wanted to wish anyone like myself, that struggles with the sheer amount of stimulation and hustle bustle of this time of year, the best of luck. You got this! I know it’s not easy, but we will make it out the other side and hopefully not be to mentally drained (fingers crossed).

  • TimLovesTech (AuDHD)(he/him)OPMA
    7 months ago

    Just wanted to say happy New Year to everyone! Hopefully the night didn’t stress you out so much you couldn’t enjoy it (if you partake - else hopefully you did something fun instead!).

    I am glad to have what has always felt like an emotional marathon part of the year over and done. Now I can focus again on my own personal discovery and some of my interests too. Yay! =)

    I still can’t believe with all the stress and frustration I can feel this whole Thanksgiving - New Year’s stretch that people can actually look forward to any of it.