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  • The problem is they have all this bad data they acquire from these groups, and then use it to fuel these conspiracy’s (like 2000 mules) that their base that has been conditioned not to question, and then we get things like January 6th. And they have already begun laying the ground work to take this country by force if needed this time around. They have fake electors, and election denial people in high places all over the country. Trump has been priming the base with the whole “the only way we could lose is if they cheat” line all over again. And unfortunately, Biden doing that debate, and the fall out afterwards is only going to add gas to the conspiracy theories this go around. The Heritage Foundation president stated that Project 2025 will allow “conservatives” to take back our country without any blood shed, unless the Left does anything to try and stop them. They want to a civil war.

    We need to stop brushing these people off like they are crazy and spewing a bunch of shit, which they are, but they have a cult (in law enforcement, in the Judiciary, lawyers out of the ass, and then millions of foot soldiers) ready to fight for them. When these asshats are screaming through a megaphone exactly who they are, and the crazy shit they want to do, we need to start taking them seriously.

  • Well, the sad state of US politics is that you have a two party system in place, like it or not. By choosing not to vote, or voting some “protest vote”, you are going to help the side that wants to accelerate our decline to the bottom. And once we lose our elections good luck voting for change then. The problem is the Right has been playing a long game that doesn’t require morals or empathy, or even human decency. While the rest of the US is a wide swath of people from center-ish (Biden) all the way to are left-ish (AOC/Bernie), and trying to steer people with that wide of viewpoints isn’t as easy. Plus we constantly have people trying to both sides everything allowing the Overton window in US politics to be dragged further right with every election. Other than waiting out all these walking corpses running the show, I’m not sure we can get the ship back on course any time soon, but not voting Trump we can at least not sink it.

  • Sometimes it’s just about not getting worse. With every win the Right has been erroding people’s rights as quickly as they can. They have packed the courts with some of the least qualified and corrupt justices the country has ever seen. They have waged an attack on minorities both directly and through defunding programs and services that help the countries most in need. They have attacked education and turned librarians from a profession nobody thought anything negative of, to one the Right now deems as equivalent to pedophiles (publicly - we know it’s all projection for their private actions/feelings on pedophilia). So you may keep hearing the same message, because each election is more important than the last as the Right has been playing this long game of normalizing the erosion the foundation of our Republic. The majority of those in Trump’s cult now say they are ok with a King, the very thing this country had fought against and was founded after winning are freedom from.

  • It’s a two party system, you’re either voting for the people you claim to care about to have a chance, or your voting away any chance they have by voting for a Fascist.

    You have chosen Fascism as your solution to genocide, so time to own it. I’m voting against fascism, because I want clean air/water, and I don’t want family and friends fearing for their lives due to the increase in hate crimes, because they want to make who they are outlawed. I’m voting against the fascists because I don’t think women should need to live in fear of becoming pregnant because they know they may not get necessary medical care to save themselves and/or their baby. I’m voting against the fascists because I believe in education, the environment, the rule of law. I’m voting against the fascist because I’m not ok with death camps to imprison anyone that isn’t a white Christian nationalist.

    The list goes on and on. I’m not voting for me, or any one issue (I’m a white male - so I’ll be more than ok), I’m voting for everyone else in my life and community that is going to be stripped of their rights and made to live in fear.

  • So you think fascism is the answer? You would vote against minorities, in the US and around the world, to somehow save the people that are on the list of those the fascists plan to eliminate? You are voting for the leopard, and telling everyone to just deal with all the face eating? Weird stance, but if you can take a stance against everything you believe in, and believe that is somehow making things “better” more power to you I guess. You’ve drank your Kool-Aid and are just waiting for the meteor at this point.

  • I meant that with a high, or even “normal” humidity level you know when you are sweating. In that Arizona sun the air is so dry that you never feel sweaty, it instantly evaporates, but being so hot it also doesn’t act to really cool the body as intended. So it feels like you’re not sweating, potentially leading some to push harder not knowing how dehydrated they actually are until it’s too late.

    I think of it like the boiled frog, only instead of boiling in water you are slowly losing water you don’t even feel leaving you.

  • How do you rationalize knowing the outcome you’d be voting for, and then staying that course? I understand taking a stand, and wanting change, but voting in a way counter to any of that becoming a possibility doesn’t grok for me. Biden is 81 and is nearing the end of his time here on earth, so empowering the guy that is going to encourage more of the same abroad, and also open death camps for non-whites in the US isn’t going to signal anything to him or the party.

  • Unfortunately, a protest vote is a vote for Trump in our two party system. And Trump has said he wants Israel to be more aggressive and “end the war”. And any Palestinian Americans should fear Project 2025 calls for rounding up anyone they think is an “illegal”, or Muslim, or any non-white and wanting to put these people into death camps awaiting deportation. Although many on the right want to just execute everyone.

    Anyways, you can hold your nose and vote for the Dem candidate, or you’ve voted for the death of those who you are trying to protect and so many more minorities.

  • I can only imagine what kind of “data” they think they are feeding this “artificial intelligence supercomputer” that is apparently counting ballots by not physically counting them? Also love that they supposedly have a “mathematician” also using some sort of “data” to somehow count ballots without counting them (and if this person exists they are almost certainly a high school math teacher that is just part of the cult).

    I’m sure what they think they are doing is using one of these error filled lists created by these conservative organizations, and then using statistics to try and show how the numbers have to be in their favor. They don’t understand that garbage in = garbage out, and it’s why nothing they are using is anything but a waste of time and wouldn’t even be admissible in court.

  • I think it’s more dangerous for those of us from out of town/state, as the lack of humidity means you don’t sweat (or at least the same) so by the time you know your thirty it’s probably to late. I visited Arizona like 10 years back in like April and it was insanely hot already, and we kept an emergency case of water in the trunk of the car (on advice from a family member living there) and anytime we did any hiking we had camel packs and water bottles too as backup because we knew you had to just keep drinking.

    It was funny though because Sedona was like the middle of a really hot summer in the north east, but they had ice in parts of the canyon still.

  • Also I’m not sure how the “god” (Satan) that wanted humans to have freewill is the bad guy, when “God” for some reason was purposefully trying to keep humans as puppets (or play things) in his little garden. And then had to punish the humans as soon as they could do what they wanted instead of the story laid out for them.

    Reminds me a lot of President Business from the Lego movie. He wants everything to be perfect but people keep doing whatever they want to and screwing it up, so he wants to use the “kragle” to “fix” the plan and make everything perfect again.

  • I did find the part that listed the military as one of the Presidents office acts, you are correct on that. I also found this on page 62, that is the basis for the questioning about Seal Team 6 during arguments, and again in the SCOTUS descent. I read it as effectively saying that if the President uses police or military to do an “unlawful killing” then because they are “exempt” he would be immune. So the President isn’t allowed to murder in a foreign country, but if he uses the military it’s an official act and exempt? This reads to me like it only stops the President from personally being a Rambo, carrying out hit jobs, but Trump was a draft dodger (so …). Any lawyers here? I don’t see an instance of the President carrying out an “unlawful” killing without using the police or military. Except if maybe this is one of those things left over from when a President would duel, or people in Congress would bludgeon someone with a cane?

    Congress has concurrent authority over many Government functions, and it may sometimes use that authority to regulate the President’s official conduct, including by criminal statute. Article II poses no barrier to prosecution in such cases.

    I would thus assess the validity of criminal charges predicated on most official acts—i.e., those falling outside of the President’s core executive power—in two steps. The first question is whether the relevant criminal statute reaches the President’s official conduct. Not every broadly worded statute does. For example, §956 covers conspiracy to murder in a foreign country and does not expressly exclude the President’s decision to, say, order a hostage rescue mission abroad. 18 U. S. C. §956(a). **The underlying murder statute, however, covers only “unlawful” killings. §1111. The Office of Legal Counsel has interpreted that phrase to reflect a public-authority exception for official acts involving the military and law enforcement. **