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  • Then I am at a total loss. You seem to be the only one affected, or at least the only one that told us so far and it is a reasonably popular server.

    We do use the new image proxy feature on Lemmy, which still has some bugs to iron out, but that has also been running a few weeks now, without anyone having major issue like you seem to have.

  • No, the images are clearly served over HTTPS here. I suspect it might be a disagreement over the exact version of TLS being used as I admit my configuration of that is a bit amateurish, but you must have configured some rather extreme hardening measures for that to have such a result.

  • Well, yes but no. With the possible exception of the car-part-incubator, which would have probably worked if they had found a local company to iterate a bit on the prototype design and then sold it as a national product without ever mentioning its heritage, the other examples are clearly all designed to attract western donor funding and everything else was secondary. This is not a “western design” problem or a problem of context appropriateness. Western designs (cars, televisions etc.) do just fine in all these countries when people want them.