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  • If someone has made a claim that runs counter to commonly acknowledged information, please report it. If you need a few examples…

    You would need a source to say:

    • “the new COVID vaccine is dangerous because it has killed people”
    • “Donald Trump faked an attack on his life”
    • “this new medical treatment is extremely effective”

    You would NOT need a source to say:

    • “Donald Trump was subject of an assassination attempt” (commonly known and widely speculated to be an assassination attempt)
    • A personal preference like “Chocolate cake is the best kind of cake”

  • I did some cyberstalking (someone actually built a whole ass family tree on Ancestry already, which was my source to look up the other info). Just a reminder, please don’t dox or post any publicly identifiable info on here.

    The alleged shooter did donate to a liberal group in 2021, age 17, before he was registered to vote. Rumors of this being another person are likely inaccurate, as the donor has the correct name and zip code listed.

    The alleged shooter is a registered Republican. Some have theorized he did this as a “stop Trump” sort of thing to vote in PA’s closed primaries. His father is a registered libertarian and his mother is a registered democrat. His sister is a registered libertarian.

    I imagine we will have more info on his background and motivation in the coming days and weeks. It’s possible that he could have any kind of political alignment. A lot of young men can get radicalized between 17 and 20.