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  • I know people that would easily get sun burnt on their nose. I suppose certain parts of your body would be more sensitive to the sun but I’m not certain what causes that. hoping someone with more knowledge and chip in.

    I apply sunscreen to all parts of my body if I’m going out to the sun for long periods of time. I haven’t noticed certain parts of my body being more sensitive than others either.

    slight tangent: Dermatologists all recommend against tanning and especially recommend wearing sunscreen if you’re going to be at a higher than 3/4 UV indexed sunlight for prolonged periods of time. It damages skin and encourages skin cancer.

  • Because Republicans fall in line. Republicans are on record saying if Trump ever gets elected president, it will be the death of the party. Now, those same people have orange paint on their lips from kissing his ass so much. They don’t question Trump’s crazy ideas or statements, because he’s the party leader. Democrats don’t do that, and at times it’s good to question our candidates, I feel this is not that time.

    We’re 4 months from the election. The DNC convention is even sooner. No way can a new candidate become familiar with independents and gain their confidence in that time. This change needed to happen way sooner, which is the DNCs and Biden’s fault for not encouraging potential challengers to Biden. Now, there’s doubt in everyone’s minds when if there were challengers that failed to compete against Biden, we would KNOW, that Biden is still the best.

    People are only whining because that’s easy to do. Constructive criticism is harder and part of that, in regards to Biden, is offering a solid alternative that everyone will like more than Biden, so quickly. Making ourselves look so disorganized, and adding to this negative headline is not doing us any favors, and Trump loves it.

  • If He steps side and the next D loses, it would also be biden’s fault for throwing away his encumbancy advantage.

    Remember, whoever gets chosen to replace Biden, even if it were Ronald Reagan, or mitt Romney, Trump and company will say they are even more liberal than Biden and will take away guns, force all women to get post 9 month abortions etc. And Maga, conservatives will believe it since there’s no evidence to the contrary. With Biden, he hasn’t fine those things these past 4 years. He’s Only “done a bag job”

    I feel like Biden is in a difficult situation and voters are partially to blame for electing Biden in 2020 over another younger/healthier candidate (i voted Bernie who is old, but seems healthier than Biden in some ways).

  • Anybody with experience want to talk about how/why this happened? Seems like part of the problem was the small opening on the right side of the plane. But I imagine its should be designed to not break so easily considering the use case. In addition, I’m surprised the canopy would open instead of staying locked. Good thing this pilot didn’t panic and was experienced enough to still safely land the plane.