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  • Within the space of about three minutes on Wednesday night, Sen. JD Vance of Ohio, Trump’s newly-anointed running mate, suggested that the Iraq invasion launched by a Republican administration in 2003 was a huge mistake (true), blamed it on Joe Biden (mostly false, with an asterisk) and then brandished his own patriotic credentials for enlisting in the Marine Corps in — hang on, let’s look it up — 2003 and serving for six months in, um, Iraq.

    I was on the floor of the convention at that moment, inches away from Turning Point USA founder and Vance booster Charlie Kirk, and for a few seconds you could feel the bafflement spread through the crowd: So was Senator Hillbilly Elegy a true American hero for risking his life in a stupid war that was started by the Republican president before the one to whom he’s hitched his wagon, or was he, as his boss might put it, a “sucker,” not to mention a shameless hypocrite? How’s the vegan barbecue, anyway?


  • I agree. I’ve been arguing this point against decades of Republican-lite tone-deaf dipshit Dem leaders. For those who don’t know, believe it or not, it’s finally moving - just as the “waah dems didn’t give me a pony” crowd are so helpfully parroting russian GRU talking points to depress turnout.

    Yeah on the whole Dems have gone through plenty of ineffective and blatantly counter activity in the last 50 years. But they’ve also been the mechanism by which anything good has been legislated. Sometimes with Republicans’ help, usually not.

    And because the electoral college is such a lopsided slave-owner cheat device, third party is most definitely only detrimental at this time. Yeah, like last time, yeah like every other time we’ve had to deal with the electoral college which is, uh, at least the last 50 years.

    “Weeeahh but why don’t democrats get rid of the electoral college”. FFS. Yeah. Why. It’s probably a grand bougie conspiracy. OR - or, okay, a complicated and massive governmental change which is almost impossible to do without overwhelming public support.