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  • As an American, this comment almost made me drop my gun and steer my F-350 off the road (I was scrolling and driving ofc). I feel so sorry for you guys, I hadn’t realized you’d been living like this since we broke up.

    You can do so much with potatoes and a little bit of spices. Maybe start out with some black pepper, or some chili powder or paprika. Old Bay would also go great. If you’re really feeling adventurous, instead of conquering India, you could pan fry the potatoes instead of boiling them, and use a little hot sauce or ketchup. For boiled or baked potatoes in particular, dressing them with some sour cream or sauerkraut can be very good.

  • Tbh, I think that Harris is a big ol nothingburger of a candidate. Fox news got conservatives to hate her easy enough for the crime of being a [black, woman] Democrat, but that doesn’t mean anything to independents. Harris is disappointing to more libertarian minded and further left folks (like me) because she was kind of a stupidly aggressive DA, but I don’t think that really bothers independents either. Harris herself had a middling debate performance in 2020, but still managed to beat the pants off Biden, who appeared DOA on the 2020 primary stage. She’s never espoused any especially strong policy positions that I know of, either, besides being another authoritarian centrist.

    All of this kind of wraps up into a very boring, plain vanilla candidate, which could well work to the democrats’ advantage in this election cycle. Here’s my opinion: Harris has several key advantages over Biden.

    • People are tired of feeling like we’re on a cursed timeline, a normal candidate without obvious sundowner’s or a serious case of fascism would likely be welcomed. Harris is about as average as they come, imo.

    • She can actually talk. Let’s face it, the Biden of 2020 and 2012 is mostly gone, he can’t communicate like he used to, and pretending otherwise isn’t helping. Harris was a DA in her past life. Lawyers, and especially DAs, have to be able to communicate effectively. My guess is that if you put a little polish on her, an absolute bull of a speaker/debater will shine through. It’s just that the democrats haven’t really given her a chance to shine. That or the possibility that same as they’ve been hiding Biden’s condition, they’re hiding that Harris is a truly wretched communicator who has wound up here through a comedy of errors, but I’m relying on Occam’s Razor here.

    • The one time she stood out at all in the primary debates was when she put Biden on absolute blast for his record with regard to the black community. It wasn’t smooth, it was obviously rehearsed, but it still landed a haymaker. It’s not a stretch to think she could do the same to Trump.

    • Being a nothing candidate could actually be advantageous because, I mean, how do you attack that? She has almost no real baggage compared to Biden or Trump, and it wouldn’t be hard for her to just set up a smorgasbord of different policy choices without sounding like a hypocrite or flip flop.

    I really wish the democrats had had the foresight to prepare for this moment by picking a much better VP, or having an open and honest primary, but we’re here now and there’s nothing we can do about the past. Imo, Harris is the best chance we’ve got of keeping the fascists out for the next four years.

  • Here’s the thing that kills me. This is what the presidency is kinda supposed to be like. He’s gotten a good amount of good (and bad) things done. We’ve gotten so used to lazy, ineffectual, malicious, and downright bad governance that a kind of normal presidency seems like “WOAH HOLY FUCK WOW” to some folks. Biden’s a solid statesman when it comes to the actual work of politics, but I wouldn’t say that he’s totally unique or a once-in-a-lifetime statesman. He’s not irreplaceable, we just haven’t been looking for someone to replace him because they did a good job hiding the fact that he needed replacing.