I think I speak for most people when I say that I’m a good representative of the general population.

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  • I’m looking through this thread and the concept behind the picture is 100x more fascinating to me than the actual question. Is the number your maximum capability?

    I’d estimate I go through the majority (90℅?) of each day at like a 4 bordering on 5, but at times I’ll move up to 2. It’s a pretty seamless transition, I don’t really have an explanation for why it only happens every so often. It’s not like it’s exclusively reserved for moments where it’s more useful.

  • I’ve used claws for like ten years and I have never felt any reason to switch, but OP’s criticism of thunderbird is that it’s too old-fashioned. Claws was more old-fashioned than thunderbird way back when I was trying out different clients, and has had no significant interface changes in the time since.

    But yeah, claws is awesome. I can’t speak for power users, but as someone who doesn’t need a lot of features other than being somewhat idiot-proofed, it works great for me.

    My work uses office365 and claws does not work with those mailboxes on its own, it took me a while to figure out the workaround. There’s a libre program called davmail that will allow you to access office365 emails from any client, it’s in the AUR and for Debian users I believe it’s in the native repositories.

  • Doesn’t that seem strange to you?

    It doesn’t seem strange at all. I have never once heard someone suggest that staying home is a vote for Biden, but it’s pretty well agreed upon that not voting is a vote for Trump.

    …so Trump should win in a landslide, right? Yet he lost once. This seems like a glaring error in the idea that a protest vote is a vote for Trump.

    Only if you believe that election wasn’t stolen.

  • There was a local r4r dating subreddit I posted to in 2014, somehow my (now) wife saw it like two or three months later. I titled it “Creepy guy seeks woman way out of his league”, which I am still very proud of as a great title for a personals ad.

    A little over a year later we took a look back at that same subreddit and it was 100% hookups, the dating part had been completely phased out except for the subreddit name.

  • I switched probably 2010 or 2011. I think I was on windows 7, but it might have been windows vista and I never got to 7.

    At some point I had made a realization that software I downloaded from sourceforge (this website has been terrible for a long while now, but I think it was decent way back) was heavily correlated with not being shitty. After making this observation, I was able to generalize it to open source software tends to be less shitty and I had a year or two of experiences afterwards that reinforced my theory, which led me to try experimenting with linux installs.

    I started with dual-booting Fedora, I had no idea what I was doing and didn’t like the user experience as much as windows at first. I did a little bit of distro-hopping to see if there was something more appealing to me, but during that time I discovered the free software movement and that resonated with me a lot more than open source had, so I decided I wasn’t interested in going back to windows. Moved to Trisquel (originally an Ubuntu derivative, and fully-free to the point of being FSF-approved) and grew to love it.

    After a couple years, I decided I was curious enough to learn more about how the system works, so I moved to Parabola (fully free Arch derivative) to force myself to learn. I really learned barely anything, but I got very good at getting things working by trial-and-error while reading documentation I don’t fully understand. I haven’t progressed very far beyond that point at all in the years since, but I got too comfortable to make a significant change.

    In the past five or so years, I’ve to some degree dropped the free software philosophy in favor of a philosophy that the problem runs much deeper (no hope of a successful free software movement in a capitalist society, and software is not even close to the most beneficial consequence of getting past capitalism), and I’ve moved to legit Arch rather than Parabola.

    I’ve basically gone ten years without real issues on arch installs, but I still have no idea what I’m doing, I’m just comfortable with it and don’t want to put any effort into a change. I feel like if anyone from the arch forums or anyone knowledgeable in general took five minutes to look at my pc they’d be like wtf are you doing. It’s whatever, it works well enough for me.

  • I use an adblocker, but I also drive a very old car and unfortunately my cd player just broke. I can confirm that there are tons of vaginal deodorant ads on the radio, always presented as a conversation between two women. There’s no intention to be funny, they’re trying to sound like a natural conversation two women would have in private and completely failing at coming across as anything short of awkward.

    “So it works well for you?” “Yes! It lasts up to 24 hours, and four out of five gynecologists recommend it!”

  • Came here to post this too. 2011 two-door Hyundai accent, and I really value how small it is with two doors rather than four, easy to maneuver and park and drive in general.

    It’s had some issues (horrible repair job after an accident led to me driving it a while with badly leaking transmission fluid, I really think that’s contributed to 90% of the problems over the years) and a few months back I tried looking into new cars and I literally could not figure out if anyone sells a car that size in the US anymore. So I’ll stick with dealing with it breaking down once or twice a year.

    Breaking down can be a huge headache depending on timing, but I’m not interested in buying used because I don’t feel like I have enough intuition for cars to test drive something for an hour and feel confident I’m not putting $10,000 or whatever into a lateral move.