Maybe it’s just me, but hopefully not, but the thing I love about music is when it’s able to express and/or make me feel emotions I personally would never be able to articulate.

I listen to alot of “Jam Bands”, and I think the greatest draw for me is when you get a band passionate about making music for ppl to enjoy and they can just go all out for 20+ minutes … It’s like your just someplace else and I feel it. It’s almost like a comfortable weight (I like pressure/weight on me). If the lyrics are amazing even better!

I also enjoy music that has some amazingly expressive lyrics, but with music that’s “raw” (full of emotion).

I just got done watching this [NSFW] video of The Carasmatic Voice watching Rage Against The Machine for the first time. The emotional weight of the song is pretty high for me, and then watching her reactions and break down is just wow. She gives a description and can explain why I feel the way the music makes me feel that way and it’s just … amazing and I love it. Like I feel the rollercoaster and anger and her ability to process and describe it adds like another satisfying layer on top of the music for me.

Sorry for the wall of text! Noted the video is NSFW because Rage is more often than not going to be something corporate overlords are NOT going to be excited to hear employees listening to at work.

  • TimLovesTech (AuDHD)(he/him)
    11 months ago

    I have created a Music community as a place for me to communicate my love of music and how it makes me feel. Being AuDHD and having the community on this instance I"m hoping it will be as friendly to all neurodivergent people as I possibly can.